Lindt Lindor Luxurious Christmas Chocolate Gift Box – The Sweet Pack
Lindt Lindor Luxurious Christmas Chocolate Gift Box

Lindt Lindor Luxurious Christmas Chocolate Gift Box

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Product description

A quality mix from The Sweet Pack, perfect for any chocolate lover. This sweet mix contains a range of Lindt Lindor luxury chocolates bars, truffles and chocolate characters. All our mixes are handmade to order so sweets may vary slightly to the ones pictured but they will be of equal or greater quantity and value.


Sugar, vegetable fat (coconut, palm kernel), cocoa butter, mass, whole milk powder, skimmed lactose, anhydrous fat, emulsifier (soya lecithin), barley malt extract, flavorings. (coconuts desiccated coconut (1,1%), natural flavouring, flavourings. (coconut cream powder (1.1%), strawberry (0,2%), colouring (beetroot red), Cocoa sugar, vanilla beans, flavourings, extract. hazelnuts (4,2%), peppermint essential oil. Sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa butter, milk powder, mass, lactose, skimmed butterfat, emulsifier: soya lecithin, extract from malted barley, flavouring: vanilla fat (coconut, palm kernel), whole MILK LACTOSE, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), anhydrous BARLEY malt extract, orange oil (0.1%), flavouring. Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Fat (Coconut, Palm Kernel), Whole Powder, Mass, Skim CREAM Emulsifier Lecithin), Anhydrous Fat, Malt Extract, Salt Crystals (Fleur de Sel) (0.2%), Flavourings, Natural Flavouring, Salt.