Hug across the Miles Victorian Gift Jar Milk and Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut ***

Hug across the Miles Victorian Gift Jar Milk and Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut ***

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Carol Anne Milk & Dark Chocolate and Yoghurt Coated Fruit & Nut

A lovely gift for sweet lovers. This mix of sweets will be sent in a Victorian style jar finished with a bright coloured satin ribbon and 'a hug across the miles' label. The jar measures approximately 30cm high x 10cm wide across the neck. This sweet mix contains a range of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and yoghurt coated sweets from one of the UK and European market leaders of coated dragees. All our mixes are handmade to order so sweets may vary slightly to the ones pictured but they will be of equal or greater quantity and value.


PEANUTS, Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Butter, Vegetable Fat (Palm Oil), Whey Powder (from MILK), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin (E322)), Glazing Agents (Gum Arabic, Shellac E904). Dark Chocolate Contains Solids 35% Minimum, Unhydrogenated in Addition to Butter. Carol Anne Choc Raisins: Raisins (42%), sugar, cocoa mass, butter, vegetable fat (palm SG), whey (milk), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin (E322), glazing agents: gum shellac E904. addition butter. solids min. May contain peanuts and other nuts. brazils (nut) (29%), peanuts. Cranberries: Cranberries (35%), milk), oil MB), Emulsifier: Sunflower Shellac, Gum Arabic. Peanuts (48%), milk powder, palm oil, powder lecithin, shellac; arabic Milk chocolate contains 20% minimum; minimum un-hydrogenated fats butter (58%), (sugar, E904.) (42%). (65%), (35%). Cashew Nuts Powder, (Palm), Milk), Lecithin) E322, Orange Peel: Peel (23%), E904, Preservative: E330 (Citric acid). (70%), Banana: Banana (26%),Sugar, (E904) (34%), rice flour, yogurt (3%) Yogurt Chips: (26%), Rice Flour, Milk) 3%, E322), (E904). Apricot (30%), E220 (sulphur Dioxide) Yoghurt Pineapple: Pineapple, fats, wheat (From dextrose, modified starch, agent, soya lecithin. orange peel (palm), (Milk), yoghurt arabic, Preservative Acid) fat, (MILK), (4.5%) lecithin), Arabic (Shellac Arabic). Brazils: brazil nuts Hazelnuts (33%), emulsifier, PEANUTS Almonds: Almonds (36%), hydrogenated whey, (5%), emulsifier (soya lecithin) agents-shellac, flavouring.